Peru – May 2 – 16, 2017 Outbound

The highlight of our trip to Peru was the 1 ½ days we spent visiting Machu Picchu.

The planning time for the Friendship Force journey to Trujillo, Peru was ten months.  Unfortunately, their club had to cancel our visit, as their city was devastated by torrential El Nino floods. We had planned an add-on visit to Machu Picchu and Cusco for the following week.

About half the ambassadors withdrew after the Trujillo cancellation, but nine of us opted to continue with the Machu Picchu trip.  Ron and I,  Chuck Stevens, Pat Maier, & Gregory Bechtel represented  Friendship Force of Western North Carolina.  We found it to be a most rewarding experience. Ron, Chuck and I also visited the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador.

Neither photos nor words can capture the mystery and majesty of this amazing experience.

– Jan Partin, Journey Coordinator