Friendship Force New Terminology

Friendship Force International has researched and selected some new terms to better match what we do as members. We will now be planning a “Journey” which replaces the term “Exchange”. FFI headquarters, strongly feels that a more transformational term “journey” is better suited to the amazing programs members plan and experience.

In line with the incorporation of the word “journey”, FFI has also altered the term Exchange Director to now be called “Ambassador Coordinator” and “Host Coordinator”. Not only does the term “coordinator” translate well into the many languages spoken by our members worldwide, but FFI also believes it reflects the variety of work that our dedicated ambassadors and host leaders undertake in planning a Friendship Force Journey.

Please note that from now on our newsletter and all our information will contain these new terms.

Meet and Greet – March 23rd

Our Meet and Greet date is fast approaching. How about sharing what Friendship Force has to offer with your friends who enjoy travel and meeting people?   As you know, this is travel in a unique way, staying in your host’s home, learning about a culture and a part of the world new to you, either abroad or within the United States; visiting places that the ordinary tourist would not know about. We, in turn, offer such possibilities to incoming club ambassadors who visit us in Western North Carolina.

We are planning a casual “Meet and Greet” for those who have an interest in learning about Friendship Force on Thursday, March 23rd from 2 – 4 p.m. at the Flat Rock Village Hall on Greenville Highway. If you have someone in mind who might be interested in what Friendship Force is all about, please forward names, street addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers to me, so that we can get an invitation out to them in a timely manner.

Let’s spread the word about Friendship Force!

Thank you in advance.
In Friendship,                                                   

Diane Tokarski                                                           828-674-2521


Making a difference – Peru Journey

Very often our international journeys include giving to a worthy cause in the city/country we are visiting.  Our journey in May to Peru will include making a donation to a most worthy cause.

I asked the ED for the Nor Peru, Club to suggest a worthwhile charity for us to make a donation.  Her club has suggested that we raise funds for their shelter for adolescent mothers in Trujillo, which is a shelter that cares for and protects adolescent mothers who are homeless or who have been victims of sexual abuse. They help with their pregnancy and take care of their children, giving them food, and a place to live. They also teach them some craft like embroidering clothes, weaving, sewing, so that they can develop independently.

Our board has authorized the club to match up to $1000 for this shelter, so we would be very grateful for your generous donation to this cause. You can make checks out to “FFWNC” and give to Jack Mullen or me. Thanks in advance for your willingness to help!

Jan Partin